Shareholder Query Form – Gallantt Ispat Limited – Gallantt Group of Industries

    Gallantt Ispat Limited
    Polices and Codes
    Code of Conduct
    Whistle Blower Policy
    Related Party Transaction Policy
    Nomination and Remuneration Policy
    Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
    Risk Management Policy
    Sexual Harassment Policy
    Policy on Material Subsidiary
    Dividend Policy
    Familarization Policy
    Preservation of Documents and Archival Policy
    Policy for Determining Material Events
    Policy on Leak of UPSI
    Other Policy & Updates
    Investors Information
    Annual Reports
    Financials Results
    Shareholder Information
    Shareholding Pattern
    Registrars & Transfer Agents
    Share Price & Charts
    Shareholder Query Form
    IEPF Details
    Details of Unclaimed Shares Eligible for Transfer/Shares Transferred to IEPF
    Unclaimed & Unpaid Dividend
    Nodal Officer For IEPF
    IEPF Updates
    Credit Rating
    Stock Exchange Compliances
    Quarterly Corporate Governance Report
    Intimation of Board Meeting
    Intimation of Trading Window Closure
    Outcome of Board Meeting/ General Announcements
    Intimation / Disclosure under Sebi regulation 30 of LODR
    Investor Grievance Reports
    Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Reports
    Certificate from PCS under Regulation 40(9)
    Compliance Certificate Regulation 7(3)
    Disclosure Relating to General Meeting
    Related Party Transaction Disclosure
    Other Disclosure/Update
    Corporate Governance
    Corporate Governance Report
    Committees of Directors
    Brief Profile of Independent Directors
    Familiarization Programme
    Code of Conduct for Board and Senior management
    Insider Trading Code
    Letter of Appointment of Independent Director
    KMPs for Determing Materiality of an Event or Information
    Reclassification / Resignation of Promoters, Directors and KMPs
    Chairman’s Message – Gallantt Ispat Limited
    Investor Services
    Environment Clearance
    Environmental Clearance Certificate
    Amalgamation 2020
    Notice Of Secured And Unsecured Creditors Of Gallantt Ispat Limited
    Notice – Equity Shareholders Gallantt Ispat Limited
    Gallantt Ispat Limited_Other Information
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