Vision, Mission and Values - Gallantt Group of Industries


  • Creating an indelible imprint for ourselves in the primary Steel business.
  • Ensuring the best quality in the industry at the minimum affordable cost.
  • Ensuring the sense of achievement, success and self-fulfillment for all connected with the Gallantt Group.
  • Value creation for our share owners and value generation for our Nation.


  • Focus to Foster Personal growth in accordance with Group’s vision
  • Resource Optimization and Productivity improvement
  • Focus on Quality, Trust and Leadership
  • Sustainable development for society at large and our stakeholders


The SPICE formula

The Gallantt Group has sailed through the toughest phase in the industry for the last three decades. Undoubtedly, the last seven years of industry has been challenging. We are committed to better management, improvement, innovation and cost saving techniques which are regarded as the SPICE commitment towards our Business, Environment and Share owners all of which position us above all other competitors

The SPICE formula

  • Service: Our primary objective is to serve the nation by contributing to the infrastructural growth.
  • Productivity & Professionalism: We primarily focus on constant improvement of productivity. Our technicians constantly upgrade the evolving technology to ensure improvement in productivity in a cost-efficient way. We have bifurcated decision-making structures and decentralized the power to encourage professionalism. Our constant efforts have reaped benefits and key management personnel and employees have been working in a congenial atmosphere for improving the operation effectiveness.
  • Innovation: Process of innovation to ensure the best technological update for the best products has helped us to reduce cost and focus on better quality products.
  • Communication: Communication system is of primary importance. We have evolved an environment where internal matters relating to business and processes are communicated to the lowest hierarchy with ease. Our firm belief is when all individuals align their aspirations with our vision, success is re-engineered. The only way to channelize the vision is through strengthening communication systems.
  • Engineering an Eco-Friendly Environment: We are firmly committed to fostering a cleaner environment as we believe in sustainable development.
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