Core Team-old – Gallantt Group of Industries

The management team at GIL comprises of astute industry professionals and successful entrepreneurs with extensive working experience in Iron & steel industry. Each of the team members brings valuable business insight to the overall operational and management process of the company.

The advisory board is pioneered with industry veterans having skills and technical expertise to work alongside the management to achieve business goals.
Group provides employment to approx. 2000 persons directly and 4000 persons indirectly who works towards a common goal to supersede over its competitors and create value proposition for shareholders.


Chairman & Managing Director

C.P. Agrawal possesses multifunctional experience of more than thirty five years. He is very well versed in all aspects of marketing, finance, costing, technical matters and administration. In his term of office, he has contributed extensively towards the growth of the Group and has been actively responsible for the installation, implementation and functioning of units of the Group and attainment of the highest standards of quality. By focusing on key areas such as Finance, ERP implementation, Value Engineering, Process Documentation, Environment Health and Safety measures, he has significantly strengthened the foundation of the Company. The turnover of the Company has increased manifold under his guidance.

Being the ‘Key Person’ and ‘a man of action’ he is heading the General Administration, planning and Finance of the Group. The modest beginning under his able guidance has made the group emerge as one of the fastest growing.



Mayank Agrawal is a qualified Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) from Amity University, India. Prior to his current role as the CEO, he was closely associated with Gallantt Metal Limited, Group Company, as a Project Manager. Under his supervision and guidance, the company has installed and commissioned its various units. His vast experience spans a variety of verticals including Project execution, Accounts, Finance, and Operations.

During his tenure, he has understood the business nuances of the Group and set processes, systems and procedures in place to control and streamline the financial and commercial transactions of the Group in India and abroad.

He plays a pivotal role in the management and control of the organization, collectively moving the Group and its stakeholders towards joint strategic goals. The Group’s strength lies in dynamic and forward-thinking approach of its leader.



Santosh Kumar Agarwal has more than 35 years of experience in the Steel and Agro Industries. He was closely associated with Gallantt Udyog Limited as Managing Director and during his tenure of service, Company achieved a high level of turnover and growth.

He is looking after the sales and day to day management of the flour mill division of the company. His vast experience will be of enormous help for the company’s smooth running.



Having an aggregate experience of more than twenty five years in the manufacturing of Wheat Flour Products and more than a decade in the steel industry, Prem Prakash Agrawal manages the functioning of various departments in the organization such as Sales & Marketing, Estimation, Customer Relationship Management, financial matters and day to day administration.

Mr. Prem Prakash Agarwal has contributed extensively towards the growth of the Company and has been actively involved in all the activities of the company shoulder to shoulder with other officers for the installation, Implementation and functioning of units of the project of the Company to attain the best quality. The Company has streamlined the process and achieved great administration within the organization under his superb guidance.



Nitin Kandoi is actively involved and immersed in the operations of the steel manufacturing facility of the Group since 1995. His active involvement in setting up of the operations of the Company has been instrumental in the implementation of technological advances made in the manufacturing processes. Under his Directorship, the Company has completed and achieved various targets and plans and achieved higher levels of growth. His expertise in the steel and power businesses has been instrumental in contributing to the growth of the Company. Mr. Kandoi manages the operation and functioning of steel and power plants, besides Purchase and procurement Departments of the Company.



Dinesh R Agrawal is a Director and Key Managerial Personnel of the Company. He has more than 25 years
of experience in the Steel and Process House of dying. Printing and processing of printed sarees. He was closely associated with Ganesh Laxmi Processors Pvt. Ltd as Director and during his tenure; Company achieved a high level of turnover.

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