Gallantt Group of Industries Gallantt Group of Industries
Gallantt Group of Industries
Gallantt Group of Industries
Gallantt Group of Industries
Gallantt Group of Industries
Gallantt Group of Industries
Gallantt Group of Industries
Gallantt Group of Industries Gallantt Group of Industries Gallantt Group of Industries Gallantt Group of Industries Gallantt Group of Industries
Gallantt Group of Industries
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Gallantt Metal Limited-Profile

M/s. Gallantt Metal Limited incorporated on 07.02.2005 having its Registered Office at 1, Crooked Lane, Second Floor, Kolkata - 700 001 (West Bangal), has been promoted by Shri Chandra Prakash Agrawal, Shri Dinesh Kumar Agrawal and Shri Nitin Kandoi.

Gallantt Metal Limited is running integrated steel plant in Kutch, Gujarat, to manufacture Sponge Iron, M.S. Billets, Re-Rolled products (QST bars) with a captive power plant with an investment of Rs.220 crores.

Sr. No. Details Capacity
I Sponge Iron

1,98,000 MTPA

II Steel Melt Shop (Induction furnace with continuous Castor)

1,76,420 MTPA

III Rolling Mill

1,68,300 MTPA

IV Captive Power Plant

25 MW

The project has been installed at Vill: Sama Khyali, Tal: Bachau, Kutch, Gujarat on an area of 122 acres of land.

I. Infrastructural Advantages

The integrated steel complex has been set up at village Samalkhyali, Taluka Bhachau of Kutch, Gujarat. The site is well connected with all types of transportation facilities both for Raw Materials and Finished Products. It is approximately 500 meters from the NH 8A connecting New Delhi Kandla - Mumbai Highway and only 700 meters away from the Sama Khayali Railway station. This enables the complex to have its own railway siding. Furthermore, the presence of the Kandla and Mundra Port only 50 and 70 Kms away from the site give an added advantage. The Bhuj airport is only 60 kms away.

Market Proximity :
In the western region there is a substantial gap between demand and supply of finished steel. The company markets its bulk of the products in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The post-earthquake era has seen a surge in infrastructural and construction activities. This in turn, has raised the demand of TMT bars and ancillary products in the region. The proximity to the market reduces freight costs enormously which will fetch a higher margin on sales.

Our requirement of power is fulfilled totally from our Captive Power Plant which ensures uninterrupted power supply at much cheaper rate.

II. Strength

The promoters have vast experience in the steel sector and their experience ensure that the finished goods of the company are sold with minimum efforts and also help in minimizing the production cost. The 25 MW Captive Power Plant ensures uninterrupted power supply and eliminates the dependence on this State Electricity Board. Further, power is available to the unit at cheaper cost, which in turn would improve the company's profitability. The raw materials required for generation of Power, i.e. lignite is available in plenty locally in the Kutch region.

Since the unit is exempted from the payment of Excise Duty and Sales Tax, it adds to the revenue by 20% on account of these savings. In addition to this the unit is also eligible for Income Tax with respect to the deemed profit derived from the power project on 100% basis. These benefits enhance the viability of the project considerably.

Our Registration Details

Sr. No. Issuing Authority Regn./ License No. Nature of Regn/License
1 Registrar of Companies West Bengal, Kolkata U27109 WB2005PLC101553 Certificate of Incorporation
2 Income Tax PAN Services Unit AACCG29347 Permanent A/c No.
3 Ministry of Commerce & Industry 971/SIA/IMO/2005 SIA Acknowledgement for Power
967/SIA/IMO/2005 SIA Acknowledgement No. for Sponge Iron, Billets/Ingots, Runner & Riser, M.S. Bar, Miss Rolled Bar
4 Ministry of Commerce & Industry A/P/WC/GJ/15/3181 (P160349) Explosive Approval
5 Sales Tax Department, Gujarat 24010300329 Dated 14.10.05 GST TIN NO.
6. Central Sales Tax Department 24510300329 Dated 14.10.05 CST TIN NO.
6 Ministry of Commerce 0205004733 Certificate of Importer Exporter Code (IEC)
7 Central Excise Department AACCG2934JXM001 Central Excise Registration Certificate

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